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Your window into the world of state energy regulation.

  • 198
    seated commissioners
    Source: September 2014, AEE
  • 12
    new commissioners in 2014
    Source: September 2014, AEE
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    New Commissioners in 2014

    • California Public Utilities Commission (CA)

      Michael "Mike" Picker

    • Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CO)

      Glenn A. Vaad

    • Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IN)

      Carol A. Stephan

    • Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IN)

      Angela Weber

    • Kansas Corporation Commission (KS)

      Pat Apple

    • Kansas Corporation Commission (KS)

      Jay S. Emler

    • Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (MA)

      Kate McKeever

    • Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MN)

      Dan Lipschultz

    • Missouri Public Service Commission (MO)

      Scott T. Rupp

    • Nebraska Power Review Board (NE)

      Dennis E. Grennan

    • New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NH)

      Martin P. Honigberg

    • Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (OH)

      Thomas W. Johnson

  • $100B+
    investment regulated by PUCs annually
    Source: Dec 2012, Booz&co
  • 46M
    US smart meters
    Source: p. 71, Dec 2012 Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Why a PUC Portal?

Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) around the country regulate over $100 billion of energy investments each year. To clarify the complex, high-stakes world of state energy regulation, the PUC Portal gives users insight into the key players and energy infrastructure in each state, as well as how states compare to one another.

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